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Gonçalo "G" Nabais

My name is Gonçalo, I’m 32 years old and I’ve been on this photography adventure since 2015.


I always liked to photograph, but it was in my first wedding as a photographer that I really fell in love with this profession.


Capturing people, emotions and intimacy is my greatest passion, and I make sure that each person feels what I feel, when they see themselves represented by my lens, and my gaze.


Together, we won’t just take pictures. Together, we’re going to create art.


So? Let’s photograph? 🙂



rogério "roger" Miguel

Hi, I’m Roger Miguel, wedding videographer in Portugal. I’ve been working in the wedding area for about 8 years. Telling and documenting stories is something that inspires me. Having the opportunity to be in one of the most important days of a couple is without a doubt a huge gratitude. I learned to be a part of this day and how great it is!


My greatest wish, and what really fulfills me, is to be able to record memories. It is the memories that we remember in the most difficult moments, in the most beautiful moments. Memories are life.


Doing what I love in this environment is really amazing. I enjoy these days, the initial nervousness, the butterflies in my stomach, I try that all those emotions experienced on your day are felt again when I deliver the films to you.


If so, goal accomplished. 🙂


I enjoy observing and being unnoticed on your day. I like to film what you don’t see, to be a complement to your look.


See you there?